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"Hi Chef Rowe, I just had to drop you a quick line to say "WELL DONE" on your root vegetable chips. I am a Visiting Scholar at USC from the University of Maryland. I went to the USC bookstore and I came across your healthy snacks. Simply delicious. I appreciate you and this chips. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you."


 - Kris Marsh, Ph.D.


"Hi David, I just wanted to let you know how much I LOVE your root veggie chips!!! (Truth: I’m obsessed with them.)


The fabulous Sharyn Nichols introduced me to them recently and she even sent me home with my own little bag. I managed to save a few for my daughter who also LOVED them!


You should know the first thing she said was how “pretty” they are.  Then she tasted them.  Her eyes got big and the smile started…  My daughter is 6 and was diagnosed at 2 years old with Celiac Disease.  Since then I have been on a mission for ways to encourage, educate and excite her about vegetables and whole foods.


THANK YOU for creating such a beautiful, tasty and healthy snack for us to enjoy!   Can’t wait for the purchase online page to be ready!" 


 - Esther Cohen               

"Is your product being carried in stores yet? I've only seen you at the Calabassas farmer's market do you go to other farmers markets? Your so local to me. Do you sell at the manufacturer? Anyhow love your product and thank you for the awesome healthy snack!!"


 - Edie Rubio


Chips in Claremont

Hi there, I bought your chips last weekend in Malibu, and have gone through the bag far too quickly once my friends got a hold of them. Is it possible that Fusion Variations might be coming to the Claremont farmers market in the future? There's always a big crowd, and I'm sure the chips would be a great hit! Please head our way!



Good morning. First, let me say how much I love, love, love your chips. I own a yoga studio in Las Vegas, NV and am interested in offering your chips at my studio. Can you please tell me if that is a possibility. Thanks for creating this amazing healthy snack.




              Now made with...

      100% Pure Coconut Oil !

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