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Our Story

 With over three decades of culinary expertise and catering mastery, Executive Chef David Rowe has been revolutionizing the world of event planning and catering since 1999. Renowned for his imaginative menus featuring bold, exotic, and flavorful cuisines, David offers a culinary journey unlike any other. His distinctive menus, influenced by global flavors and his signature Jamaican Fusion, tantalize the taste buds and stir the soul. As the industry evolves, David remains at the forefront, continuously striving for unparalleled excellence. Through ongoing collaboration with industry leaders and a commitment to continuous learning, he continually refines his craft, shaping his vision into culinary greatness. One of his remarkable creations, Fusion Variations™ Root Vegetable Chips, marks the inception of Chef David's exotic food product line. Hand-cut from Russet Potatoes, Purple Potatoes, Sweet Potatoes, Red Beets, and Malanga, these delicately crafted Gravette-style chips offer an unparalleled crispness and flavor experience. Discover the epitome of snacking indulgence with "The Best Alternative Snack Yet!




Taste the difference! For your next catered event! 

Backyard events

Social parties

   Marina Del Rey Farmers Market.        Beverly Hills Farmers Market.
        Saturdays from 9am to 2pm.                               Sundays from 8am to 1pm.

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